As a young teenager, 

In March 2020 I invested into myself and the business and studied with Mac-Nutrition Uni, a highly world-renowned evidence-based nutrition course.


14 months and 4 gruelling exams later (May 2021), I passed the course with distinction!

I now have the absolute pleasure to call myself a Mac-Nutrition Uni certified full with honours nutritionist.

This achievement will allow me to help more people achieve even greater results through being able to make more specific nutrition recommendations - this will increase the quality of life and therefore promote longevity.

This is a huge achievement for me and I wear the title of an MNU certified nutritionist with pride and honour.

Emblem - Certified (Turquoise).png

I started kickboxing at just 14 years old. Over the years I developed a huge interest for fitness which soon turned into a strong passion. Whilst kickboxing over the years, I started to help out in class and teach people, this sparked something inside me to want to take instructing and training people to another level. I studied personal training at Chichester College and passed my REP's personal training qualification alongside kettle bell training, circuit training and fitness instructing back in 2014. 


A year or so after finishing college all qualified, I undertook and passed

my first degree blackbelt in Chinese Kickboxing, under "Zheng Dao Lo Martial Arts Academy". 4 years later I then undertook and passed my 2nd degree blackbelt. My commitment towards the academy and having received my belts, alongside personal training, had put me into a position where I felt I was ready to start teaching.

In March 2020, I undertook and passed my 3rd degree blackbelt - a huge milestone for me!

The academy and my passion for fitness has moulded me as a person from a young age, teaching me respect, discipline, self belief and determination. 

The kickboxing that I've done over the years has allowed me to incorporate different exercises within personal training sessions, adding a nice twist to training, keeping you on your toes.