Are you fed up of trying, trying and trying again?


I know how you're feeling, do you know why?


Because I have worked with hundreds of busy people just like yourself. People that have tried every fad diet and training plan under the sun, people that have struggled with finding an approach that works for them long term.


I have worked with people that have gone to the extreme in order to reach their goals, not realising that they didn't need to stop everything they were doing and start everything they weren't doing as a way of reaching these goals, only to then find out it's unrealistic and unsustainable.

Short term quick fixes don't work. You need a long term, sustainable approach that does.


Having worked with so many people that have struggled before, that now live their life freely with the knowledge they have acquired, I am more than confident in my method in helping people reach their health and fitness goals all through the wonderful thing that is the internet.

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This 12 week programme is an extensive plan that will be specifically tailored to meet your needs.

We will focus not only on training and nutrition, but also on creating and maintaining habits as well as working on productivity. Focusing on these areas in particular will help you maintain your position for when you reach your goal. Motivation will only get you so far, you need a solid set of habits and a positive mindset to succeed long term.

What I offer as a one to one coach (the attention to detail, programming, resources and support) can't be expressed well enough through a paragraph or two on the internet, but i'm going to briefly explain what you can expect to receive if you decide to come on board... 

- Tailored Training Programmes
- Tailored Nutrition Plans

- Macronutrient & Calorie Calculations
- Build Lean Muscle And Shed Body-Fat

- Create Sustainable Habits
- Weekly Video Check In's With Your Coach (Chris)

- Round The Clock Support
- Accountability & Direction
- Full Use Of CR FITNESS Branded Coaching App

- Recipe Packs & Eating Out Guides

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If you are serious about making the change that you need, not for the short term, but for the rest of your life, then proceed to the bottom of this page, fill out the enquiry form and get yourself booked in for a 20 minute call.


We will discuss your goals and the obstacles that are stopping you from achieving them and we will devise a plan that WILL help you succeed.

I have the knowledge, the systems and the tools to help you reach your goal,


I'm ready... are you?