Welcome to Project CRFIT!


Over the years I have had many people ask me reoccurring questions…


How much training should I do?

Should I lift weights?

How many calories do I need to gain/lose weight?

What even is a calorie?

Can I lose fat and drink alcohol?

How do you you stay motivated?

Can I still reach my goals whilst enjoying a social life?

What do you read?

What apps do you use?


Then I thought…


“If only these people had an accessible document that contains all of the answers to these questions. Something that covers training, nutrition and mindset. Something people can look at when they need some inspiration for meal ideas, or to brush up on their knowledge about training, nutrition, sleep and hydration, as swell as learning about mindset and other topics”


Well, this project does just that! Within project CRFIT you can expect to see all of the above mentioned, plus more. This project has been created in a way where all of the information is easily digestible. Allowing you take exactly what you need from it with ease. If you don’t get it straight away, then you have the opportunity to revisit it anytime you need!


Many, many hours have been put into this project. It is a combination of things that I have learnt over the previous few years of being a personal trainer.


It contains over 80 slides, but it doesn’t stop there…


Once you have purchased this project, it is yours to keep forever. Best of all, I will continue to create new meal recipes, training plans and add other new topics to the plan at no extra cost!

(The buy now button can be a bit temperamental, give it a few clicks or refresh the page!)