Matthew Hofmann

Chris is a fantastic trainer, coach, role model and person. He consistently puts all of his effort into not only making his clients feel better but making sure anyone around him is being the best they can be. I’ve known Chris for a long time and have recently done training with him both online and 1 to 1 and it was the best decision I have ever made I lost just over 2 stone in 12 weeks and feel the best I have in my life. He is a wholesome person with a great personality who can be approached by anyone.

Sophie Glover

Chris has been amazing throughout. I honestly thought having a personal trainer would mean that I would leave sessions wanting to throw up, aching for days and dreading the next session but this hasn’t been the case at all! Chris listens to what you want to get out of the training, works with you to create a plan that suits you and works with your ability. Since my sessions with Chris I have lost weight, become stronger and have an increased knowledge around exercises and nutrition. I definitely wouldn’t be feeling as wedding ready without Chris help so thank you :)

Alex Jacobsen

I embarked on an eight week challenge only knowing a small amount of information about dieting, nutrition and exercise. I finished the eight week challenge feeling full of knowledge and lost a total of 2 stone, aswell as dropping inches off my waist, hips, neck and chest. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without Chris’s help. 


I always walked away from a session with a sense of improvement, whether that was feeling stronger, fitter or more knowledgeable. I feel amazing now!

Ash Kent

"I’ve been training with Chris for nearly 3 and a half years, he took over from my old kickboxing instructor and at the time I was a purple belt, he has supported me from day one. Initially I started off going to his class which was not huge, but as more people joined and begin to understand his passion for helping people reach their goals, it then grew. It is now one of the bigger classes within the school. He then became a personal trainer and I would then have one session PT and one session kickboxing, I always wanted to reach my goal of becoming a black belt and Chris supported me the whole way. He worked on my leg strength and overall fitness to begin with, once this was good I was able to progress through the higher belts rapidly and became a black belt in December 2016. My aim had been to do this in summer 2017, but I actually ended up achieving it in December 2016, 6 months ahead of schedule. I put a lot of this down to Chris’s attitude rubbing off on me, and with my own motivation, I have been able to reach my goal quicker than expected. Chris is the single most motivated person I know, his reliability, attitude and knowledge is becoming second to none in Sussex".

Jade Allen

I couldn’t recommend Chris enough! He’s always my go to trainer if people ask me to recommend a personal trainer. Chris is always so welcoming and friendly and will make the whole process fun! I first started going to Chris after having my daughter, I was in a awful headspace in regards to my post baby body, but Chris made the whole journey enjoyable and the results were amazing! He was supportive and replied to all my messages (which was a lot). He goes above and beyond for his clients and I will certainly continue my training with him.

Abbie Mayne

Chris has helped me soooo much in such a short amount of time! I was so nervous about exercising but he put me completely at ease. He has helped me to lose weight, gain strength and confidence and I feel so much better for it, would highly recommend!

Coral Castagne

Chris is so easy to get along with, he's really motivating as a trainer and sessions are great he's helped me become so comfortable in my body and become so much stronger than i thought i could be in such a short space of time! added bonus he's a black belt kickboxer and his pad work sessions are such fun! highly recommend him!

Rosie Beller

"There is no trick or secret to getting fit and losing weight, only hard work and determination. I had lost about 5 stone and soon realised that diet alone wasn’t going to take me as far as I wanted to go. Then I met Chris, but the prospect of going to the gym scared me, I was overweight and needed help. A friend introduced me and i haven’t looked back since. He is a lovely friendly face to go to twice a week and is always there with a smile. He has helped me to achieve my goal of losing 10 stone, something a lot of people said I wouldn’t reach. It just proves with the right person guiding you, you can achieve wonderful things."

Alice Taws

"I have been going to Chris for one on one personal training for just under two months and it's honestly changed my life. My goals were simple: to lose weight, get fitter and practice my kickboxing skills. Well not only have I done all of these things, I've done more! I am happier, have more energy, my clothes are looser, people have commented on how good I look and best of all my kickboxing skills have improved immensely! All of our sessions have been interesting, challenging, different and dare I say it... fun! Sessions are always motivating, inspiring and full of knowledge, they're tailored to suit your goals .I leave every session tired but more determined and buzzing to smash the next one! If you are looking for a super friendly, hard working, passionate and talented individual who can train you, push you and teach you in all aspects of fitness, particularly with kickboxing... then give Chris a call."

Austin Eszcori

"Started training with Chris June 2016. It is fair to say I was very skinny, bad BMI and had a real lack of self confidence and Chris saw that in me. We started doing kickboxing and weight training and my fitness from June to now ( March 2017 ) is really really good, much better than it was! I am now doing brown belt standard kicks and doing things smoothly, reaching new targets with one rep maxes. And the value I have had has been incredible."

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